Trafi One

safe active pedestrian crossings

Trafi One is a pedestrian and vehicle detection system based on infrared and visible light cameras.

Trafi One is a versatile pedestrian detection and traffic monitoring and dynamic traffic signal control system. The Trafi One camera is enclosed in a compact and sealed IP67 housing and uses thermal and HD visible light technology for traffic signal adaptation. Please contact us for purchase or information. You can also purchase directly through PayPal by clicking the link below.


Pedestrian and vehicle detection

Trafi One is a pedestrian and vehicle detection system based on infrared and visible light cameras. Its advantage is day and night vision, regardless of weather conditions.


It does not create false alarms by ignoring people walking along the road or, for example, giving up crossing the road.


We detect all behaviours of pedestrians approaching the crossing, waiting near it and being at the crossing. We analyse direction, speed of movement, waiting time, number of people and much more.


The system generates data to help traffic engineers improve traffic flow, monitor congestion and increase the safety of vulnerable road users.

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Trafi One is a versatile sensor that tracks
waiting and crossing pedestrians and cyclists in urban environments. Trafi One uses thermal imaging technology to reliably detect in all weather conditions and even in total darkness. The sensor includes an HD C-MOS visual camera
camera for video streaming.


Trafi AVE allows more dynamic control of traffic lights 24/7 It sees movement in total darkness, through shadows and sun glare It detects the presence of vehicles and cyclists at a stop. Detects pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalk or on the kerb.

Acyclica™ by FLIR

The Smart City platform provides
information and insight needed to understand the traffic situation. Acyclica transforms mountains of data
into useful information to help authorities understand traffic patterns, speed up journey times and minimise congestion. 

HD Camera

The camera with HD resolution also allows continuous viewing of pedestrian crossings. The video stream in RTSP standard with H.264 or MGEG-4 compression can be connected to any DVR or even a computer and VPlayer software.

See the Trafi One in action

System in real conditions with infrared band preview and AI analysis

Simple scenario

System operation in reduced visibility conditions from the driver's perspective

Presentation in office

Technical specifications

System overview

Detection of pedestrians and cyclists at intersections and kerbs Visual streaming of HD video (optional licence)
Detection of the presence of vehicles and bicycles at a stop (optional licence) Wi-Fi monitoring (optional licence)
Pedestrian counting (optional licence)
8 vehicle presence zones
8 stref obecności pieszych
Web-based configuration over secure Wi-Fi or Ethernet
API interface

Thermal camera

Resolution 160 x 120
9 frames per second
HFOV lens 56° or 95°
Sensor type Focal Plane Array (FPA) uncooled VOx microbolometer LWIR sensor, wavelength up to 8μm
Video streaming RTSP
H.264, MPEG-4 compression

HD Camera

Resolution 1080 x HD1920 color CMOS
30 frames per second
HFOV lens 56 ° lub 95°
Video streaming RTSP
H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG compression

Power, IO, communication

Power supply 12 - V42 AC/DC
Power consumption Average 6 W, peak 7 W
Potential-free contacts N/O and N/C1 direct
16 N/C contacts via TI BPL2 or TI BPL2 EDGE interface
Ethernet 10/100 MBps
PoE PoE A i PoE B
Powerline communication via TI BPL2 or TI BPL2 EDGE interface
WIFi IEEE typ 802.11b,g,n EIRP < 100mW

Environmental resistance

Wstrząsy i wibracje
Specyfikacje NEMA TS2
Odporne na wszystkie warunki atmosferyczne Odporne na promieniowanie UV
Stopień ochrony IP67
Zakres temperatury
-40°C do +60°C FCC
FCC część klasy15 A

Regulations and standards

Dyrektywy UE EMC 2014/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU
EN60950-22:2006 + A11:2008


EN61000-4-3:2006 + A1:2008 + 2:2010



Example concept


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